Ancient Prophetic Oil Revealed to a New Generation

Coaching in identity, miracle power, and the purest form of prophetic anointing

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Encounter The Most High God

You’re searching for a miracle, a great encounter with God, or access to His power. The only reason you haven’t encountered it yet is because you need a prophet to reveal it to you. I’m here to mentor and position you in the river of prophetic anointing so that you might obtain your request from the Lord.

By the time I’m finished guiding you, you will be healed. Your identity will be complete and your revelation of God will be great. I expect you to walk in miracles, power, wisdom, and maturity.

I believe it. I see it. And in Jesus’ name, it will come to pass.


My time with Prophet Rich was phenomenal. He prayed over my heart, that is now healed. He then went on to pray for my leg (which no one knew about) and it got healed!! He works in signs and miracles. I can’t thank him enough.

Henry J

He called me out by name at his healing event. I saw God talk to me through the prophet. He answered my hearts desires since I was a kid. I felt the hand of the Lord, rush over me – bringing conviction to begin this move. Prophet Rich confirmed God’s plan over my life!

Tina G

My struggle has been going on for years now with my hips & lower back, but then with one zoom event and I am walking around healed. Prophet Rich Vera, left me speechless – I am never speechless. God performed a miracle in me.

Daisy M

About Rich & Leslie Vera

Meet the Veras

Prophet/Evangelist Rich Vera is an internationally recognized leader in the prophetic who counsels presidents, governments, and church leaders. He is the founder of Voice of Healing Outreach which ministers to millions of Christians worldwide. Like his spiritual father, Benny Hinn, he has led healing crusades and revivals for over 30 years.

He picks up his children every day at 3 o’clock, and works with his wife to raise their 4 kids. Leslie supports, encourages, and grounds Prophet Rich in the work of the ministry.

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Rich Vera Ministries is a healing and deliverance church with an international impact where believers come together weekly to experience the manifest presence, power and move of the Holy Spirit.

This is where I’ll be for the next while, if you make it let’s have a conversation and pray together.