The Pastor Promising to Heal a Nation | God’s Country

Orlando, FL Pastor Rich Vera has become famous in the Christian community for healing the incurable with just his hands. But 4 years ago he became famous for his political vision. While sleeping, God sent him a vision of Donald Trump running through a field wearing a sweater with an R on it, and the next morning Pastor Vera told his congregation, and the world, Donald J Trump would become the next President of the United States. Years later when COVID19 hit, he again answered God’s call and set up a tent revival in the parking lot healing people from all over the world, working miracles, and curing blindness, cancer, covid19, paralysis, etc. We visit Pastor Vera time where the country is at it’s most divided – the day before the election- to see if this miracle worker is capable of bringing healing to a nation that seems set on tearing itself apart.

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