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About Evangelist/Pastor

Rich & Leslie Vera

Rich Vera travels the world speaking in churches, and holding massive miracle rallies, where thousands of people gather to experience the Presence and touch of God. Catholics and people from all faiths gather by the thousands experience the ministry of the Holy Spirit.


He’s had the opportunity to minister and pray for presidents, prime ministers and government officials from around the world, many at times revealing the secrets in their hearts through the healing and deliverance ministry and bringing direction to their lives

The Beginning of a Worldwide Healing Ministry

In July 1990, Rich Vera experienced a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit. From the moment Rich Vera was called by God to minister, the Power and Glory of God moved mightily in all of his services.. Here are some of the highlights from the First Year of ministry around the world!

Deliverance and Healing

Pastor Rich received his miracle healing ministry after a visitation from the Lord while in Argentina, where Jesus came to him in a vision and laid His hand upon his head, releasing him into that ministry. Tens of thousands around the world have been healed and delivered through his ministry.

The Anointing

Over the years, blind eyes and, deaf ears have been opened, thousands of crippled have been healed, all kinds of diseases, cancers and illnesses have been cured through his ministry. Many bound by demons have been set free. Entire regions are being shaken by the power of God through his ministry.

Prophetic Predictions

His prophetic gift has been deemed by many as one of the most accurate in his generation which has led him to prophesy over government leaders, celebrities and ministers around the world. He is sought after world-wide because of the accuracy and power of his prophetic gift.

Here are Rich Vera’s shocking prophetic predictions that have come true! God is talking…are we listening?

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“For where 2 or 3 gather in My Name, there I am in the midst of them” – Matthew 18:20

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