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Rich Vera travels around the world giving lectures, ministering in churches, and celebrating massive crusades of miracles, where thousands of people gather to experience the presence and power of God. Catholics and people of all faiths gather by the thousands to experience the ministry of the Holy Spirit.
He has had the opportunity to minister and pray for presidents, prime ministers and government officials around the world, often revealing secrets in their hearts through prophetic ministry and bringing direction to their lives.
God is raising this young man, anointed by God with a powerful prophetic ministry and miracles, and a unique sensitivity to the movement of the Holy Spirit. Know the voice of God and minister with authority, bringing liberation and hope to people in all parts of the world.

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In July 1990, while on vacation in Orlando, FL, Rich Vera was invited to attend the Orlando Christian Center where he experienced a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit. He saw a powerful vision in which the Lord showed crowds of people walking in the dark, aimless in their lives. The Lord extended his hand, placed it on Rich Vera’s head, and told him that he was chosen for a special mission and that nothing would separate him from the love of God. At that time Rich Vera surrendered his life to God, was born again, was filled with the Holy Spirit, and was called and anointed to proclaim the gospel and to communicate the message and power of God for his generation. His new life in Christ became evident immediately! He became one of the most respected young men in the church because of his passion for God and the supernatural touch of the Lord over him. This vision was the first of many that have been important and would launch Rich Vera into a powerful, international, miraculous and prophetic ministry that is touching and changing lives around the world. He represents a new generation of leaders that the Lord is raising up in the nations to announce the return of Jesus.


After his incredible conversion experience in Orlando, FL, the Lord empowered Rich in a unique and impressive way. Rich began to experience the presence and power of God almost daily. Many times he has perceived how the Lord himself visited him and this has allowed him to spend hours in the presence of God. His intense hunger and passion for the Lord’s presence enabled Rich to develop a unique ability to hear and discern the voice of the Lord. The voice of God has clearly and clearly manifested itself in the things that would happen to him and to the lives of other people. This brought about an awareness of the gifts of revelation, word of knowledge and prophetic vision, which work in it, and has surprised many. Rich moves in both the evangelistic and the prophetic ministry. These 2 ministries (Evangelist-Prophet) operate together in your life. His prophetic gift has been regarded by many as one of the most accurate in his generation, this has led him to prophesy about presidents of nations, government leaders, celebrities and ministers around the world with great accuracy. He is sought throughout the world by all kinds of people because of the precision and power of his prophetic gift.

Rich received his mighty healing ministry after the Lord’s visit while in Argentina, where Jesus appeared to him in a vision and put his hand on his head, and activated it in that ministry. Tens of thousands of people around the world have been healed and released through their ministry. Blind people have recovered their sight, deaf people have begun to hear, thousands of cripples have been healed, all kinds of diseases, cancers and diseases have healed through their ministry, and many oppressed by demons have been released by the power of God and Multitudes of families and lives have been restored. Entire cities are being shaken by the power of God through their ministry. On November 14, 2005, while living in Maui Hawaii Rich Vera had an encounter with God that would forever change the course of his life and ministry. After being caught by the Lord for 6 hours, he experienced the presence and glory of God and was instructed by the Lord regarding the last days and the next movement of God. He was commissioned by the Lord Himself to a new dimension and authority in ministry and freed the world as a prophet / evangelist with a miraculous ministry of Biblical proportions, to be at the forefront of God’s movement for his generation.

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